A Summit for Women
in Church Leadership

March 2021


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Join fellow women church leaders, communicators, and other church staff at…

Some of the most influential minds in church leadership will inspire you to find your                                            strength and confidence as a female leader in your church.

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March 2021

If you’re like most of us…

  • I want to learn about new leadership techniques to further my impact
  • I want to be a part of a community of strong women
  • I need to be reminded of how awesome I am

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March 2021

…this list describes you, too!

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Join Fellow Women Church Leaders, Communicators, And Other Church Staff at
She Leads church: A Summit for Women in Church Leadership

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March 2021

#1 – Learn From the Women Serving in the Church!

These women have struggled with many of the same issues you are experiencing! Hear about their successes and failures. This is real life stuff and it can be tough sometimes, but we’re here to remind you why you do what you do.

#2 – It’s all FREE!

We want to make this information available to everyone! Don’t miss out on such a valuable opportunity. Don’t keep it to yourself – spread the word, tell your coworkers, call your friends, set up a watch party!




#3 – The Community You Join!

Being a woman in a church leadership role can be difficult, we know! From this summit, not only will you learn valuable information, but you’ll make connections with other women who will encourage you, support you, and help you achieve your goals!

Join Fellow Women Church Leaders,Communicators, And Other Church Staff at
She Leads church: A Summit for Women in Church Leadership

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March 2021

Katie Allred is a professor of marketing and software development at the University of Mobile. Katie founded ChurchCommunications.com, which works with over 20,000 churches on their marketing and communication strategies.

Kadi Cole has served in full-time ministry for the past twenty years including Executive Director of Multisite at one of America’s largest churches (Christ Fellowship in South Florida) and Director of Leadership Network’s Multisite HUB. She is an organizational consultant for ministries and businesses, individual and team leadership coach, and a better job developing the women leaders in their church.

Why is this worth my time?

This summit will not only inform you about how to become a better leader in the church, but it will remind you how worthy, strong, and confident you are. You will gain access to a community of bosses with similar stories and hear from some of the top women in the business.

Do I belong here?

We believe the best communities are made up of people from all different backgrounds celebrating together. After all, we’re all a part of the same church and are working towards the same goal. If you are a leader in your church, a leader in your area, a leader in your household or even just want to meet other strong women who are chasing after God, then you absolutely belong here! 

how do i access the live sessions?

When you sign up, check your email for a confirmation notice. Here you will find a schedule and a direct link to the sessions.  Just check the time, mark your calendar, and enjoy!


YES! You have complete access to the entire summit, not matter where you are. Watch from your couch at home, a coffee shop downtown, or with other women in your church. No need to make travel plans or book a hotel room, everything you need is online!   


If i can’t watch it live, can i watch it later?

Absolutely! Each session will be available by purchasing the VIP All-Access Pass. If you can’t watch live, or you want to be able to watch again later, you’ll be able to access every session for a full year! 

Join Fellow Women Church Leaders,
Communicators, And Other Church Staff at
She Leads Church: A Summit for Women in Church Leadership

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March 2021